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map01For over 15 years now, the management of real estate has been a passionate interest of Claudia und Christian Bontus. We concentrate exclusively on the management and economic optimisation of real estate properties. Through continual work and personal commitment, we have been able to position BONTUS Immobilienverwaltung at the forefront of the Austrian market. By means of constantly controlled growth, it has been possible to increase the quality of our services and thus the benefits for our customers. This enables us to do justice to the different requirements of our customers, who include private owners, business people and institutional investors.

Based on our traditional values, we focus in particular on offering comprehensive consulting services, personal care and on increasing the value and revenue of the property.


Franz Josefs Kai 65
1010 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 1 535 36 19-0
Fax: +43 1 535 64 28


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Our expertise and long-standing experience in the real estate sector guarantee the smooth, punctual handling of all concerns relating to your property. This includes annual statements, the reminder mechanism, ongoing accounting entries and much more. We’ll support and represent you in dealings with building authorities, banks, insurance companies, lawyers, notaries and other authorities. We’ll also be happy to offer you advice and practical support in carrying out repairs, conversions, and measures for improvement, refurbishment and revitalisation, and we’ll handle the building management in a professional way.

Talk to us and check out the quality of our services for yourself.
We’re looking forward to meeting you.


In the event of a gas leak, burst water pipe or of damage through storm or hail please call the fire service immediately and please send a DAMAGE REPORT as well.



Schadensmeldung DE


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Bitte geben Sie Ihre Telefonnummer ein!

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Damage Report(*)

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Water damage / Fire damage

BWS: +43 800 20 12 25

BELFOR Austria GmbH: +43 800 22 22 22

Heating / Sanitary
Firma Berndl: 0664/1488800

Drains and pipes
ROHRMAX: +43 1 330 4000

Electrical repairs
Golden Technik: 0800 66 00 99 

In an EMERGENCY you can contact us at any time at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



MON–THUR 9am – 12pm 1pm – 4pm
FRI 9am – 12pm  



We are, of course, also reachable outside these times by e-mail and under the phone extension numbers.

Office Hours:

MON-THUR 9am – 4pm  
FRI 9am – 12pm  



Personal appointments can likewise be arranged in accordance with customers’ needs.


The law stipulates that within 3 days after moving into the new accommodation one must register oneself at the municipal office/municipal district office (Vienna) which is responsible for the new place of residence.

You can register yourself in person or by post. However, the registration can also be conveyed by a third party messenger. At present, it isn’t legally possible to register by fax or e-mail. For registration you require the Residence Registration Form, which enables the registry office to enter the registration data into the population register.
The form can be downloaded, and is available at the registry office and also from some newsagents.
A separate Residence Registration Form must be filled in for each person.

Tip: Don’t forget to deregister/register your dog!


The disconnection/notification of the distance heating/gas and electricity services of change of user is done by the property management. Before you finally hand back the old apartment, it is advisable to read the meter.

E-Control offers the following services for household customers:

Tariff calculator (calculation of the most economically priced electricity and gas offer)
Energy-saving check (calculation of a household’s annual energy consumption)
Gas conversion check (conversion of cubic metres into kilowatt hours in order to check the details on the gas bill


Besides the option of paying your rent by means of the payment form delivered to you by post or via the building caretaker, there’s also the uncomplicated option of paying your rent by setting up a standing order of payment with your bank.

You can thus be sure that your rent always gets paid in punctually and also of being completely carefree on holiday. No more bothersome payment differences! The rent pre-invoice sent to you every month enables you to check it at any time.

Here, for you to download is a standard form for authorising a standing order of payment, which you can fill in and send us by e-mail, fax or post.

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Incorrect ventilation (e.g. by tilting the windows) increases heating costs because when the cold outside air flows in through the window, the thermostat head opens and the heating tries to immediately heat up the cold air coming from outside.
It’s therefore best to carry out inrush ventilation, and to do it several times a day! That way, almost all the heat stored in the building components is conserved!
The previous pleasant indoor air temperature is restored after just a short time.

Please note: A lowering of the room temperature in the living area by 1°C lowers heating costs by approx. 6%.


The letting in of fresh air through window ventilation during the heating season is always bound up with massive energy losses. During that period, it is particularly important to ventilate “correctly”. The colder and windier it is outside, the shorter the ventilation time should be. Moisture and used indoor air are as quickly as possible exchanged for cold, dry outside air. When it heats up, this can again absorb moisture from the room, which
is later ventilated anew. By means of this ventilation method,
the used air is exchanged within just a few minutes,
without causing the walls and furnishings to cool down.

Transverse ventilation  1–5 minutes, at least 3 to 4 times a day, during which if possible windows/doors positioned opposite to one another should be opened wide.
Inrush ventilation 5–10 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day, the windows of a room are opened wide
Tilted window On the other hand, it is incorrect to keep the window permanently tilted in winter!
Source: Umweltberatung 


Due to their elasticity, joints of silicone or acrylic should be regarded as maintenance joints and not as sealing components (Austrian Standard ÖNORM – B2207). Their function must be checked at regular intervals and they must be renewed if necessary, in order to avoid any possible subsequent damage to your apartment, as well as to adjoining apartments. Wherever increased moisture forms in the area of joints, e.g. the edges of bathtubs and in showers, moulds can more easily form if they are not immediately cleaned and dried. Although the joint material, which contains fungicide, hinders this infestation, its anti-fungal substances do get washed out in time. It is therefore necessary to check these joints at regular intervals and to renew them if necessary.


Don’t dry your washing in the apartment. If that is unavoidable, ventilate the room where you often dry your washing.

Reduce the number of indoor plants. Avoid aquariums and indoor fountains in rooms that are at risk of mould.
Tip: The potting soil of indoor plants can also be a source of mould. Covering the soil with 3–5 cm of quartz sand prevents any mould from forming.

Drain off any moisture that arises. Remove the residual water from the shower cubicle, bathtub or tiles immediately after use, by means of a squeegee or cloth. Cook with a lid, or install an extractor hood with an outdoor outlet.

Heat side rooms. The temperature difference between individual rooms in your living area should not exceed 3oC, otherwise the risk of condensation formation increases. Important: Do not simultaneously heat side rooms via doors that are left open.


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We’ll gladly undertake the comprehensive management of your real estate property.. Our offer includes advice on the legal right of abode and also operational and technical care and management.
It is our firm conviction that the management of today will substantially determine the value of your properties tomorrow.


  • Being the contact for all your customers and partners
  • Rent pre-invoice, payment checking and payment transactions
  • The collection of master and property data, including the checking process
  • Regular building inspections for the purpose of monitoring its condition, identifying deficiencies, obtaining quotations, organising and monitoring minor repairs, etc.
  • Ensuring and monitoring the regular care and/or cleaning of the building, as well as snow clearance
  • Coordination of the legally-stipulated owners’ meetings
  • Taking care of VAT payments
  • Retaining documents/evidence relating to insurance matters, damage survey and dam­­age reporting
  • Organising the regular servicing of technical facilities and/or checking maintenance contracts
  • Contacting the authorities whenever necessary in connection with building management


bontus sideimg04 2Providing personal assistance is important to us! We’re convinced that direct contact with our customers is a decisive factor for good collaboration and the competent, reliable care of your property.

Only in this way can we apply our core competencies – by which we mean extensive economic, technical and legal expertise, combined with organisational talent. quote2

Christian Bontus

Since we place great importance on rapid responses and solutions, experienced staff are at your disposal on the telephone and via e-mail at all times.
Your property is in the very best hands with us.


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We would like to introduce our team:


  • Christian Bontus
    Owner, CEO
    Board Certified Property Manager
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-10
  • Prok. Claudia Bontus
    Administration, Estate Agents coordination
    Board Certified Property Manager
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-11
  • Lukas Eybel
    Management, Shareholder
    Board Certified Property Manager
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-48





  • Management:
    Claudia Bontus
    Authorized officer
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-11
  • Management:
    Ulrike Maringer
    Supervision of rental properties, rental contracts, project support
    Board Certified property manager
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-36
  • Verena Sarne
    Supervision of rental properties
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-34
  • Bertrand Weissenbach
    Dunning, claims processing, assistance
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-32
  • Stephanie Schwarz
    Supervision of rental properties
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-45




  • Management:
    Edith Schanner
    Supervision of rental properties, claims processing, rental contracts
    Board certified property manager
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-16
  • Management:
    Regine Hasslinger
    Supervision of home ownership
    Board certified property manager
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-35
  • Vanessa Schleimer
    Assistance Management,
    Supervision of rental properties,
    claims processing
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-33
  • Administration:
    Philip Meran-Gold
    Supervision of WE objects, claims processing, assistance
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-17
  • Mag. Eva Karst
    Supervision of commercial real estate
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-15


  • Ing. Wolfgang Tscheppen
    Apartment handovers and redemptions, lift support, construction management
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-18



  • Detlev Ott
    Management accounting
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-13
  • Monika Niederecker
    Account assignment
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-21
  • Mag. Isabel Kölbl-Schram
    Taxes (weekdays Thursday)
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-14
  • Shirley Megrelischwili
    Account assignment
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-20
  • Gabriele Müller
    Sales tax, regulations
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-42
  • Viktoria Ferdinandi
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-38



  • Patricia Sarne
    Telephone switching, claims acceptance, office coordination
    Tel. +43 1 535 36 19-12

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